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What can Ayurveda do for you?

By May 3, 2013July 11th, 2013TOR posts

Imagine bringing ancient healing methods into our modern busy world. Replacing stress with relaxation, chaos with tranquillity and rushing with stillness. Ayurveda can offer all those option by bringing a little ancient knowing into our hectic modern lives.  When East meets West you can keep your busy schedule but approach it with calmness and serenity.


Ayurveda aims to relieve symptoms, prevent illness and help you lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It is an ancient system of healing, dating back to around 4500.  The five elements in nature each try to dominate over one another, for example wind or storm (air) may extinguish fire, cause evaporation of water or destroy buildings. Fire may heat the air, evaporate liquids and burn solids.  Water exerts its cooling effect on air, extinguishes fire and submerges earth.  Earth or solids, can hinder the wind, reduce the heat of fire and inhibit the cooling effect of water. When these elements are in balance then equilibrium exists, but when they are out of balance disasters can occur.

Ayurveda views the human body in the same way; it too is composed of these basic elements.  Ayurveda further separates the individual into 3 doshas which are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  These can also become imbalanced when the lifestyle and emotions become damaging.  Ayurveda works to restore harmony and balance in the body by using herbs, exercises, foods and treatments.  Here at TOR Spa Retreat we combine all these practices which creates a truly relaxing and restoring sanctuary to balance modern life. Visit our spa day packages page to look at options: /ayurveda-retreat-packages/

Tip: Restful sleep is one of the most important ways to balance all ‘doshas’ and retain balance in life.  Try to keep away from all screens and devices for the hour or two before you sleep.  Burn oils in your bedroom which can give you a deep sense of relaxation (we love sweet orange and cinnamon).  Try simple breathing techniques to calm your mind such as breathing in for the count of two and out for the count of four, in for two and out for four.  Repeat this until you fall off to sleep.