Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Abhyanga Full Body Massage

Traditional Ayurvedic massage using herb-infused oils to relax the body, ease tension and enhance overall well-being.
£65 – Allow 1 hour (1 therapist)
£260 per course of 5
£100 – Allow 1 hour (2 therapists)
£400 per course of 5

Hot Stone Massage

Find peace of mind from this relaxing and soothing body massage, using hot mineral stones followed by a warm envelopment of the feet.
£65 – Allow 1 hour
£260 per course of 5

TOR Indian Head Massage OR Back and Shoulder Massage

These massages encourage relaxed muscles and improved posture, reduce stress and tension, soothe aches and pains and restore good health
£35 – Allow 30 minutes
£140 per course of 5

Mum To be Massage

This pampering and soothing massage will help to relieve aching backs and heavy legs, improve blood flow, strengthen the immune system, encourage relaxation and stimulate the release of endorphins leaving you feeling relaxed and re-energised. For between 12-36 weeks pregnant
£65 – Allow 1 hour
£260 per course of 5

Ayurvedic Consultation

Our experienced Ayurvedic doctor will give an accurate reading of your principle dosha and any imbalances. She will recommend treatments to help detoxify the body, nourish the skin and relax and rejuvenate the mind together with diet, lifestyle tips and guidance
£65 – Allow 1 hour
£110 – Consultation with Abhyanga Body Massage (one therapist) (Allow 2 hours)


Two therapists provide a divine combination of massage, exfoliation and steam that is ideal to help melt away unwanted fat and cellulite leaving the skin smoother, toned and nourished. (Recommended to help as part of a slimming programme)
£95 – Allow 1 hour
£380 per course of 5 treatments


A recommended stress buster. Extremely beneficial for sinusitis, migraines, headaches and insomnia. Warm oil is poured continuously on the forehead followed by gentle massage of the face and neck.
£90 – Allow 45 minutes
£360 per course of 5 treatments


Recommended for certain types of muscular and nervous ailments or specifically for arthritis and allied complaints. Small muslin bags containing prescriptive herbs/herbal powers are heated either dry or soaked in oil to a constant temperature and rubbed over the whole body and/or specific areas.
£380 per course of 5 treatments
Allow 1 hour per treatment