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I’ve had an amazing time here. It’s one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever had. The atmosphere is amazing. Every single need is catered for. The full body massage was wonderful. Thank you very much.
Claire, Canterbury

Felt very relaxed and comfortable, the informal atmosphere makes you feel at home. Oh the peace! So nice that the place is not over run by staff or customers, it doesn’t feel like a business.
Oliver, Canterbury

I so enjoyed the atmosphere – Unpretentious, very relaxing and informal. You could say – From another continent!
Michael & Tammy, Nova Scotia

WOW! So glad I found this place. I kind of don’t want to tell anyone else about it and keep it as my secret place. Being a vegetarian, I was overwhelmed with the vegetarian lunch. Ambience, friendly staff, wonderful treatments, delightful gardens and lake (not to mention a secret Island in the middle) Can’t wait to come again.
Sarah, Whitstable

The best spa I’ve been to, ever. I loved it’s different approach on relaxation, peace and tranquility. Don’t ever change!
Lucy, London

After my wife came back a few months ago after visiting TOR, I thought I’d missed out. Now that I’ve been, I know why.
Craig, Broadstairs

Perfect! I only wish I had more time. I came in stressed but I have come out totally relaxed. Thank you so much
Sue, Herne Bay

This place was totally different to anywhere else I have been. But that is not a bad thing. Spending the night was the best decision I made. Quaint room looking out over the fish and ducks, and NO PHONE or TELEVISION, Bliss!
Fiona, Bath