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Spa Facilities

 Spa Facilities

From the moment you arrive, you will immediately recognise that TOR Spa Retreat is somewhere completely different. We are a simple place, in a perfect setting, somewhere quite unique.

Set within beautiful gardens, alongside a small lake, lies the TOR Spa Retreat.

Relax and swim in warm waters. Slowly unwind in the sauna and our stone steam room.

TOR Spa’s super heated pool has now switched to being OXYGENATED. From now on the pool will use oxygen and ultraviolet light to create ozone, which will treat the water, thus dramatically cutting the need for chemicals (Up to 90%). So all in all, a much purer environment and just as clean.

Help yourself to hot and cold drinks, including herbal teas, chai and Ayurvedic infusions. Browse our eclectic collection of books and magazines. Or just relax in one of our comfortable lounges, with deep, soft sofas and gentle background music.

In good weather, sun yourself beside the lake, otherwise enjoy the natural beauty outside from the warmth and comfort of the warm lakeside conservatory.

With a maximum of only 18 day guests for dedicated staff to look after, the atmosphere is personal, really friendly and unintimidating.