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February 2024

Our Santhosham Facial…

By TOR posts

We all know that true beauty comes from health and happiness.

Both of which are difficult to achieve when you are plagued by headaches, anxiety and fatigue. Our Santhosham face massage helps to target these, while relaxing you and caring for your skin.

Combining a gentle upper body and facial massage, and using coconut oil, you can be sure to come away with super nourished skin and a sense of calm like never before.

If this sounds like something you need, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01227 728500 and book your massage today.


What’s on your mood board for 2024?… and how can we help?

By TOR posts

So, January was just a free trial of 2024, right?

Whatever your goals are, here at TOR Spa would love to help you achieve them with Ayurvedic living offering up a template to work from.

By following the principles of Ayurveda, you can achieve your goals by promoting overall health and well-being, which can lead to increased energy, improved focus and concentration, and a greater sense of purpose. Ayurveda offers personalised recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and self-care practices based on your unique constitution or “dosha.” By aligning your habits with your dosha, you can optimise your physical and mental health, and achieve your goals with greater ease and efficiency.

Whether you need a treatment to help ease an ailment, as a way to reset and relax, or simply want a break from it all with good, nourishing food and the peace of the countryside to soothe your soul – we are here for you.