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Ayurvedic Approach to Life

By July 11, 2013TOR posts

“The beauty of plants, especially of flowers, uplifts our emotions, we recognise the masterly touch of creation in them” Vaidya Bhagwan Dash

Ayurveda is both a science of life and a system of medicine.  It aims to treat the person as a whole so will take into account your lifestyle, diet, mental disposition and exercise routine. Therefore even in wellness you can take measures to bring the Ayurvedic teachings into your own Western lifestyle easily on an everyday basis.  Herbs, oils and diet play a big part in Ayurvedic health programmes and these can easily be practiced at home.  These days we are always rushing, never focussing on the moment and constantly worrying about situations that may never occur.  Letting go of these modern day traditions and allowing life to flow easily in the direction it is leading you is a valuable tool for dealing with the natural changes in our path.   By bringing healing herbs, simple rituals and foods into your day, you can support your body and mind through the challenges modern life brings.

By visiting an Ayurvedic retreat like TOR Spa Retreat you can learn how to ‘release’, ‘relax’ and ‘let go’ in true Ayurvedic style and learn ways of incorporating that peace into your own routine.  Here at TOR Spa Retreat we combine all the teachings and principles of Ayurveda in a simple and relaxing way by bringing nature, rejuvenating treatments and stillness together in spa day or retreat experiences.


Tip:  If you want to bring a little Ayurveda into your own life then you can take some simple first steps by being aware of the way you use your home.  Do you have papers and clutter lying around?  Do you have old clothes which you never wear at the back of your cupboard?  Is there dust collecting on your bookshelves?  Think of your home as your own spiritual retreat. Make an effort to burn oils, keep it tidy and tend to your plants.  You can even make an area focussed on relaxation and put flowers, ornaments and candles in that corner.  Each day spend 5 minutes in this area breathing deeply and focussing on the things you are grateful for in your life.  If you can’t manage 5 then do 2 minutes, every little helps!