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Ayurveda and Healing Herbs

By August 31, 2013TOR posts

“May all be happy, may all be free from disabilities, may all look to the good of others, may none suffer from sorrow” Ayurvedic Stanza

As with all holistic methods of healing, Ayurveda looks to treat the individual as a whole.  The mind, body and spirit are all linked and for true healing to take place all of these elements must be considered together and never separated.  Emotions and thoughts have a powerful impact on the way our body is expressed and the higher levels of our spirit must also be in alignment for a healthy life.  Herbs work well within this holistic system as they treat all levels of the self and create balance with natural healing elements, rather than man-made chemicals.  Ayureda contains many different methods and forms of herbal preparation which are all designed for different therapeutic effects.  This ancient method of healing uses infusions, decoctions, powders, poultices, pastes, oils and liniments in a great variety to support healing.  The herbs used will depend on the person’s dosha, their presenting symptoms and the weather.

Here at TOR Spa Retreat different oils, teas and foods are used to balance and relax our guests and give their whole system support before they return to their busy lives.


Tip: The easiest way to bring herbal remedies into your own life is to try herbal teas.  You can buy prepared blends from good health food shops which have Ayurvedic herbs such as fennel, tulsi and liquorice.  If you are feeling creative you can make your own teas with household and garden herbs.  Lavender and rosemary both make lovely blends from your own garden or cinnamon and clove combinations can be made from your kitchen supplies.  Be creative and try different blends and if you want to invest in a tea strainer or herbal tea pot then you can create lovely smooth teas with no bits!

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