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Ayurveda and Connecting to Nature

By May 17, 2013July 11th, 2013TOR posts

 “The best reflections are there when the wind, water and you are quite still.”

It is very rare in modern lives that we make the time to walk in nature and appreciate its simplicity.  Ayurvedic principles show that the elements in nature (air, fire, water, earth and space) are also within us.  Therefore when connecting to nature, we are also developing our deeper knowing and connecting to the world around us. Ayurvedic medicine takes this further and shows how certain weathers and seasons can affect the way we feel and respond to events in our lives.  Those who practice Ayurveda create unique connections to each season and increase certain foods to balance the elements that time of year brings.

So to allow a little Ayurvedic enlightenment into your day, feel at one with nature and enjoy the fresh air on your skin.  The garden here at TOR Spa Retreat is a source of constant joy for us and our guests throughout the seasons.


Tip: Next time you decide to put the TV on or pick up your book, consider going outside for a stroll instead.  You don’t have to go on long walks to connect to nature and feel the air on your skin.  Even when you live in the city you can admire the way the trees take over the pavement as they stretch their roots and how small wall flowers find their way through the nooks and crannies to make their claim on the concrete.  It can also be very healing to have plants in your home, try herbs which you can grow and use in your cooking; take care of them and they will take care of you!  Having plants in your home which you care for and tend to is a spiritual practice which allows you to nurture and share your own energy with nature.