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Christmas opening

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Twenty four days until Christmas…. As always, TOR is the place to get a fantastic gift. Whether as a stocking filler or a main present. We are in the office EVERYDAY until Christmas day. If you can’t get through, always leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

The spa is closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, 1st & 2nd January 2012.

Tel: 01227 728500

We’ve switched to oxygenated

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TOR’s Super heated pool has now switched to being OXYGENATED. From now on the pool will use oxygen and ultraviolet light to create ozone, which will treat the water, thus dramatically cutting the need for chemicals (up to 90%). So all in all, a much purer environment and just as clean.

Stressed by the school holidays?

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Ayurvedic massage at Tor Spa RetreatSummer holidays are supposed to be good fun, spending time with the family and relaxing. That’s how it works for the children anyway. It’s a bit more tricky for the grown ups though, with new school uniforms to organise, child care to plan, play dates to arrange and then the family holiday to get through too.

Why don’t you treat yourself to a spa day package as a “Back To School” treat once the children are all safely back with the teachers!

Mother’s Day spa packages

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Spring is already upon us, and so is that most important of days, Mothering Sunday. As well as our everyday packages, we have added an extra one, especially for this occasion.

Mother’s Day spa packages for 2011 – Price £139

Start off the day with a Full Body Salt Exfoliation, followed by an unwinding Back & Shoulder Massage. Later you will experience TOR’s exclusive Alepam Facial. Relax in the expert hands of our ayurvedic therapists as they spoil you with a fruit sensation for your face. Let your face experience seven stages of pampering. While the mask is in place, lay back and enjoy a mini Indian Head Massage and a Hand Massage.

Mother’s Day Spa Gift VouchersAvailable

A simple yet fantastic gift, no queuing in the town, no problems with wrapping and sent directly to the recipient if required. It’s just a great way to treat your mum on Mother’s day. Contact us now tel:01227 728 500

Planning a hen night?

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Both stag and hen events have expanded in scope over recent years. Traditionally a hen night might have been held in the evening a week or so before the big day. It is now common for the hen night to be more of a hen weekend and encompass a day trip or even a weekend away.

If your best friend has lumbered you with the responsibility of planning a hen night and you are beginning to despair about what to do for it, here is a list of possibilities that are a bit more imaginative than a night out at the pub with a veil and L-plates.

Activity Centre – how about taking a leaf out of the men’s book and investigating the local activity centre. Paintballing need not be limited to the men though make sure everyone knows not to give the bride a visible bruise! Quad biking and karting might run slightly less risk of bruising. Other possibilities to encourage the competitive spirit are clay pigeon shooting or archery.

Horse Races – if the hen in question is not the rough and tumble type, how about donning your best frock and putting a fascinator in your hair and strutting your stuff at the race course.  The races are a perfect opportunity to have a glass of champagne and admire the glamour of the surroundings.

Cruise – Continuing the glamour theme, if you live beside a river or the sea, there are often cruise packages available that are tailored for a hen party including a bit of music and the opportunity to have a dance.

Pampering – if the bride to be gets sea sick, and hates sports and you’re all out of original ideas, how about a day of pampering at a spa. At TOR spa you can have exclusive use of the spa if you have a group of 12 hens. If you’d like to find out more about our hen days then get in touch with us on 01227 728 500

Book a spa for The Open 2011

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If you are looking for somewhere to stay during The Open 2011, consider Tor Spa Retreat, only 8 miles away. For more information, check here to read about our offer for The 140th Open Championships.

Spa Gift Vouchers at TOR Spa Retreat make an excellent Christmas present

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Yes it is nearly that time again. Not only have you got the usual struggle to find the perfect gift, you now have to tackle the snow to even get to the shops. So it makes even more sense to buy your Christmas presents at TOR. Simply give us a call and ask to purchase some of our spa gift vouchers. You can buy a cash amount or choose a specific treatment or package. We will get the gift letter sent out to you or directly to the recipient. It really is the easiest way to get a superb gift out to somebody you love without getting snowy feet.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Seasons regards

All at TOR Spa Retreat

What are the three doshas?

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What are the doshas? The three doshas are the basic biological molecules which constitute all living creatures. The three doshas form the basis of your physical constitution, your mental capacities and your emotional make-up. Individuals can be of one type of dosha or a combination.

That is, a person can be vata, pitta or kapha only or vata-pitta, vata-kapha or pitta-kapha. In fact, most people are a combination of two doshas. A particular combination of doshas may be ideal for one person but may cause disharmony to another person.

The foods we eat and the lifestyle we lead will also affect the equilibrium of each of the doshas within us.