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An ayurvedic health spa in Kent

Book a spa for The Open 2011

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If you are looking for somewhere to stay during The Open 2011, consider Tor Spa Retreat, only 8 miles away. For more information, check here to read about our offer for The 140th Open Championships.

Spa Gift Vouchers at TOR Spa Retreat make an excellent Christmas present

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Yes it is nearly that time again. Not only have you got the usual struggle to find the perfect gift, you now have to tackle the snow to even get to the shops. So it makes even more sense to buy your Christmas presents at TOR. Simply give us a call and ask to purchase some of our spa gift vouchers. You can buy a cash amount or choose a specific treatment or package. We will get the gift letter sent out to you or directly to the recipient. It really is the easiest way to get a superb gift out to somebody you love without getting snowy feet.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Seasons regards

All at TOR Spa Retreat

What are the three doshas?

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What are the doshas? The three doshas are the basic biological molecules which constitute all living creatures. The three doshas form the basis of your physical constitution, your mental capacities and your emotional make-up. Individuals can be of one type of dosha or a combination.

That is, a person can be vata, pitta or kapha only or vata-pitta, vata-kapha or pitta-kapha. In fact, most people are a combination of two doshas. A particular combination of doshas may be ideal for one person but may cause disharmony to another person.

The foods we eat and the lifestyle we lead will also affect the equilibrium of each of the doshas within us.

Abhyanga full body massage treatment

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Abhyanga Full Body Massage – a traditional Ayurvedic general well being oil based body massage. Exercises the whole body, tones up muscles, improves blood circulation and repairs worn out tissues. It is followed by a steam bath to help the oil penetrate thoroughly, cleansing the body and removing any toxins. This massage is also renowned for relieving body fat and stress.

£50 (1 therapist) – Allow 1 hour
£200 per course of 5
£75 (2 therapists) – Allow 1 hour
£300 per course of 5

Any of our treatments or packages can be purchased as a course – pay for 4 and receive the 5th one free.